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Spiritual Guidance

     Rina Salvemini has had psychic and spiritual experiences since she was a child. Over the years she has developed the abilities of Mediumship and Spiritual Laying On of Hands Healing and continues her unfoldment studies today. She is a recent graduate of the Morris Pratt Institute study of Modern Spiritualism and has earned the Certified Medium, and Licentiate Minister credentials through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC). 

     Her desire is to serve others by bringing them messages of peace and comfort from their loved ones in Spirit, provide knowledge and enlightenment, and teach those looking to expand their understanding of God while unfolding spiritually on their own individual path.

                       What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is our natural ability to communicate with those in the spirit side of life. It enables us to hear our higher self, cultivate our intuition, and foster a deeper relationship with God. Through our own unfoldment, we have a better understanding of our purpose on this Earth and are comforted by the messages of encouragement we receive from our loved ones in spirit. We know they are safe and at peace and that we do not die.

Individual readings are $30 for 20 minutes in person or via phone. She is also available for home parties.

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                 Spiritual Development Classes

Examining your spiritual beliefs and continued study is integral to spiritual growth. Whether you are interested in exploring your own gifts or looking to expand your understanding of God and your purpose on this Earth, Rina will be able to guide you on your own individual path.   

Individual and group classes available.

 (716) 622-4143 

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                     Space Clearing

Sometimes energies and emotions, particularly powerful ones, can create an environment that feels stagnant or tense. Many people are very sensitive and this energy build up and this can contribute to anxiety and even depression. With prayer and energy clearing tools, Rina will work to break up and eliminate uncomfortable energies in your home and replace them with positive energies leaving you feeling more at ease and refreshed!

Please contact Rina for more information on Space Clearings.

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