Path to Well-Being


It's your thyme to thrive!!    


   An Holistic Approach

     When we meet for your Initial Consultation, we will go over your lifestyle, diet, and any health concerns you have. Your consultation will also include an iridology exam, and a kinesiology exam. Once weaknesses within the body systems are identified, I will recommend necessary lifestyle and dietary changes along with a supplement protocol. Afterwards we will continue to meet every 2-3 months for a followup consultation to monitor your progress and make revisions to your program. You can contact me anytime with questions or concerns that may arise!

     Please plan on 1  hour for your initial visit with me, and 30 minutes for follow up visits.

     am humbled and grateful to be your partner in wellness!

Initial Consultation   $65.00                                 Follow up Consultation     $35.00


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