Path to Well-Being


It's your thyme to thrive!!    


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     We will discuss your personal nutritional needs and health goals. Through kinesiology, iridology, and lifestyle analysis, we will examine any imbalances within the body systems, develop a protocol of herbal supplements to support these imbalances,  and work together on changes you can make that will encourage a better sense of well being!



        Rina's interest in holistic healing began when she developed high blood pressure at a young age. With dietary and lifestyle changes, she was able to overcome this imbalance. 

        Years later, her infant son developed severe colic and food allergies. Again, Rina turned to holistic remedies to restore balance to her son's body. 

     After an experience with a serious illness and severe adverse reactions to medications, Rina continues to pursue holistic education and therapies to maintain her and her family's health and well-being to reflect balance and vitality.

     Spiritual growth and development have also become a passion for Rina which she is willing to share with those in need of guidance.

    As she continues on her own Path to Well-Being, her goal is to assist others on their path for healing, balance, and spiritual growth. 

It's your thyme to thrive!!

   Rina does not suggest anyone should disregard advice, medications, or therapies given them by their doctors and encourages individuals to work with their doctors when adding any supplemental therapies.   

Rina Salvemini is an Herb Specialist currently studying for her certifications as an Herbalist and Holistic Educator. 

She is also a recent Graduate of The Morris Pratt Institute study of Modern Spiritualism and has earned the Certified Medium and Licentiate Minister credentials through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC). 

Rina is an active member of The Attunement Spiritualist Chapel  where she regularly serves as Message Minister, Healer, Chairperson, and Lecturer.

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                                  It's your thyme to thrive!!